ringworm in cats

Ringworm is often seen in pet cats, but best dog breeds the name, it doesn’t involve any worms. Ringworm is actually a fungal infection that infects many different species of animals and is also referred to as dermatophytosis or tinea corporis. Cats are often infected with this fungus since it is easily transmitted. Ringworm affects the top layer of the skin and occurs when the fungi or its spores make contact with a cat’s skin.

It is very similar to other fungal infections, such as athlete’s foot. They are also often quite itchy. These round lesions ringworm in cats appear on the front legs, ears, or other parts of the head of a cat but can pop up anywhere, especially in severe infections. Ringworm is usually noticed when an owner is petting their cat. A small patch of hair loss is noticed first and then upon further examination, types of ticks red ring is seen in this patch of hairless skin.

The spores can spread to other cats quite easily, either directly or indirectly. In direct contact, a cat touches another animal who has ringworm in order to get the infection. With indirect contact, a cat can get ringworm simply from touching the bedding, food and water dishes, toys, and other items that a carrier or infected pet has come in contact with.

A ringworm infection in a person typically occurs after a can dogs eat eggs has pet an infected or carrier cat, but it can also occur after simply handling items that were used by an infected cat. Immune compromised individuals, such as the elderly and very young, are more prone ringworm in cats contracting ringworm.

In order to confirm that this round lesion is in fact ringworm and not another type of hair or skin issue, your vet may perform one or several different tests to aid their diagnosis:.

These different tests will verify that your cat has ringworm and therefore your vet will be able to treat the fungal infection with an appropriate medication. Your vet may also ask you if you have any lesions that look similar to your cat’s lesions, as another indication ringworm in cats this zoonotic disease.

Other things can look similar to ringworm lesions. You’ll want to make sure you are treating the correct problem and not making matters worse by giving the wrong kind of medication. If your veterinarian has diagnosed your cat with ringworm, they will most likely prescribe an anti-fungal medication to treat the infection.

Itraconazole is the most ringworm in cats used medication in pets with ringworm but due to the size of the capsules, it typically has to be compounded into a liquid solution in order to dose it for a cat. Sometimes topical ointments are also used to treat ringworm in conjunction with the oral treatments. By using both oral and topical treatment regimens, you will kill both the spores on the skin and suppress the infection in the cat systemically. Finally, if you have a cat with ringworm, you will need to treat the environment in order to kill any spores that remain.

Ringworm is highly contagious in cats but it is also preventable if the appropriate steps are taken. Washing your hands after handling a cat and before handling your own cat is the easiest way to decrease the likelihood of you or your cat from becoming infected with ringworm. Aside from that, don’t let your cat play with cats that don’t live within your household, maintain a sanitary living environment for you and your cat, and if you can dogs eat lettuce ringworm, refrain from touching your cat until your doctor has deemed you to be free of the infection.

In order to confirm that this round lesion is in fact ringworm and not another type of hair or skin issue, your vet may perform one or several different tests to aid their diagnosis: This is a simple and non-invasive test to perform, but it is also unfortunately not very accurate.

Many other things will glow under a black light besides ringworm in cats, including dead skin cells, topical ointments and other fibers, so this test is not usually performed as a sole indication of infection. This is unfortunately also a very slow method and can take over a week to get results. This method involves cutting out a piece of skin and sending it to the ringworm in cats for microscopic analysis.

It can take several days to get results, but is very accurate. Read More. Pet Rabbits. Dog Parasites. Cat FAQs. Cat Parasites. Guinea Pigs.

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