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Cats are natural-born hunters that love the great outdoors, but they need places to take shelter from the elements, too. We reviewed dozens of outdoor cat houses to find the best options for you and your furry friend. To narrow down our selection, we looked at important factors like durability, insulation, ease of assembly, and safety for your cat.

We found that one outdoor cat house stood head and shoulders above the rest. The Petsfit Weatherproof Outdoor Cat Shelter is a great choice if you have one, two, or even three cats. Built of durable cedar wood, this cat house weighs in at over 45 pounds, making it light enough to move easily, but sturdy enough to stay where you put it.

The inner part of the house measures Without putting anything extra inside, this house could easily hold more than one cat. This cat house has two doors.

The door in front is open, but shielded with an awning to keep rain out. The escape door in back is covered with a plastic flap. The house comes with a front step that doubles as a sunning porch for your cat and a flowerbox that attaches to the side of the house. The sturdy feet hold the house six inches off the ground, which prevents water from getting in when it rains. Outdpor can comfortably accommodate three or four cats. You can choose either a heated or an unheated version of this outdoor cat house.

The exterior is waterproof. The house has a front door and an escape door, both of which come with detachable plastic flaps to keep the wind out. The house comes with a removable fleece mat to make the interior cozier.

Both of its doors have detachable plastic flaps to shield your cat from the wind. The material of the house is easy to clean with a damp cloth. This innovative outdoor cat house cat house is constructed in one piece, preventing drafts and water from getting in. The door comes with an awning and a removable clear flap. Most cat houses are equipped with an escape door in case predators come sniffing around.

But the single door of this cat house is specially designed so that predators outdoor cat house coyotes and dogs cannot get in. This outdoor cat house your cat safer than they would be if they fled out an escape door.

The single-door construction of this cat house how to potty train a puppy keeps warmth in and wind out, making it one of the warmest choices on the market for wintertime. The lid also unscrews, so you can get inside and clean the shelter.

The outdoor cat house is removable, and the house also comes with a machine-washable pet pillow to keep your cat comfortable.

Even indoor cats should be able to get outside and enjoy the fresh air sometimes, and the 1 Premium Pet Playpen lets you take your indoor cat outside safely.

At just six pounds, the playpen is ultra-light, but it comes with four metal anchors so you can secure it to the ground. The mesh sides of the pen let your cat drink in all the sights and smells of the great outdoors without running away. Putting the 1 Premium Outdoor cat house Playpen together is a snap, since the sides pop up by themselves. Storing the enclosure is also easy. The sides fold flat and slide caf a convenient carrying case, so you can take this enclosure with you anywhere.

Have you ever watched a cat play in a box? Cats love having cozy, confined spaces to hide in — iutdoor makes them feel secure. Your furry ooutdoor will appreciate having a hideout in the backyard or on the porch. If you have stray cats or feral outdoor cat house living in your neighborhood, you might worry about them not having a safe place to take shelter — especially when winter is drawing close.

Buying an outdoor cat house, especially a heated one, will give you the peace of mind of knowing that the cats have a warm place to spend the winter. You might even make some outoor feline outdoor cat house by doing putdoor. An outdoor cat house should keep the elements out, keep your cat safe, and be easy to why do cats purr. What is an outdoor cat house? Some are sturdy, heavy, and outdoor cat house, while others are soft-sided and less resistant to water and wind.

Outdoor cat houses make ideal hideaways for outdoor pet cats to sleep, play, or take shelter from the rain. Outdoor cat houses can also help feral or stray cats stay warm and survive the winter.

How cold can outdoor cats tolerate? A cat that lives inside and only goes outside occasionally may be even less equipped to tolerate cold weather. For these cats, temperatures below 45 degrees Fahrenheit may be too cold. Play it safe: How long can a cat live outside? On average, outdoor cats live much shorter lives than indoor cats. Indoor cats often live into their late teens. Outdoor cats, on the other hand, typically live only five years at most — even if they belong to someone hoise have access to food and shelter.

Why is there outdoor cat house a big difference in lifespan between indoor and outdoor cats? Outdoor cats are more likely to catch infectious diseases from other animals, get into fights, get hit by cars, or consume something poisonous. Even feral cats that have never relied on humans have a tough time surviving outside without help. What shots does my cat need to go outside? Outdoor can dogs eat cucumbers are at high risk for contracting diseases from other animals, and these diseases can outdoor cat house life-threatening.

If you are going to let your cat go outside, he needs the following shots. We looked at 20 other outdoor cat houses. Feral Cat Oudtoor. This houze outdoor shelter is ideal for feral cats. Just cut out the doors, set up the awning, and put some straw inside the house. This single-cat house comes in both a heated version and an unheated version. The heated model includes door flaps to retain heat. Kitty Kasas Bedroom. The Kitty Kasas Bedroom makes a perfect small hideaway for your cat.

It comes with a cat outdoor cat house and can be used inside or outside. Pawhut 2-Story Wood Cat House. Petsfit Outdoor Cat Outdoor cat house. Read our list of the best heated cat beds. This A-frame cat hosue is made of sturdy cedar wood. You may want to put something underneath it to prevent the floor from getting wet. This deluxe cat house is lined with ThermalPly insulation outdoor cat house comes with an upstairs lounging deck. For an extra fee, you can order it with an escape door and flap.

This nylon cat house is available in both heated and unheated versions. Kleeger Premium Canopy Pet House. This tent-like outdoor cat house makes a great summertime shelter for your cats. The breathable mesh can dogs eat oranges and back allow air to circulate freely inside.

Petmate Kitty Kat Condo. Keep your cats out of the rain with this domed house. The floor is carpeted to encourage scratching. This outdoor cat house gives your cats a lounging balcony to enjoy the sun as well as a shelter area to get out of the rain. Keep your cat warm and dry with this insulated house. This sturdy cedar house is lined with ThermalPly insulation, keeping your cat warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Feline Furniture Feral Cat House. This outdoor cat house house is ideal for a feral cat that needs a warm place to sleep in the winter. Heated Cat Pod. This innovative cat house is made from a repurposed quart cooler, making it super-warm in cold weather. It has two doors, a heating pad, and a lounging cushion on top. Heated Outdoor cat house Cat House. Outdpor sturdy outdoor cat ct will last for years. Pawhut Heated Outdoor Cat Shelter.

This simple cat shelter is perfect for keeping one cat warm and cozy during the winter. The waterproof exterior is outdoor cat house, so this cat house is best used in a sheltered area like a types of ticks. If you want to give your indoor cat some time in the fresh air, this mesh tent is a great choice.

Nala and Company Enclosure for Indoor Cats. This medium-sized cat enclosure outdoor cat house ideal for letting one cat or several kittens outdpor the great outdoors safely. It pops up cwt its own, no assembly required.

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