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Last updated: April 4, Most people only encounter fleas in their homes if they have pets. Even if you do not have pets, it is more than likely that a rat, a ferret or some kind of mammal host had also resided in your home at some point in time. Even after these pests or rodents have left or have been removed, the fleas will continue to feed on other hosts in the house i. Ok, so I have a flea problem, how do I get rid of them? Average lifespan of a cat your dog or cat has been to, it is more than likely you have fleas there as cushings disease in dogs. Flea carcasses were few and far in how to get rid of fleas, and fleas continued to persist in my home.

Methods to get rid of fleas that worked how to get rid of fleas a limited extent: A quick, homemade flea trap. For minor flea infestations: The night light helps attracts these fleas. Make sure you use a bowl or basin that has fleaz shallow edge thoughso that fleas can jump over it into the mixture.

This works with a normal desk lamp too. Just set it up on the ground and place the mixture in how to get rid of fleas spotlight. The fleas will jump towards the spotlight and into the mixture.

See how many of those little bloodsuckers we caught! This trap only killed adult fleas and at a very small area. The flea cycle continued as the eggs hatched and more fleas returned to pester me! Methods to get rid of fleas that worked: Or extensive flea infestations multiple areas in the house.

For minor flea infestations an isolated location. Pest Control Services — Works best for extensive infestations. Complete eradication of fleas in your house.

After a pest control session is over, use some flea spray and flea tablets for your pets right away before letting them back into the house. For pest control services, click yow. Flea Sprays — Flea sprays can be used on both pets and furniture carpets, rugs, couch, bedding — both your pet and yours, blankets, pillows.

These sprays will kill most types of fleas, including their eggs, upon contact. For sensitive how to get rid of fleas of your pets i. Use this in combination with flea tablets so that any new adult fleas that hop onto your pet will die off almost immediately too. If you kill off all the eggs and adult fleas simultaneously, the flea cycle will be broken. This is the flea spray I used and personally recommend: It hoa a mere 9 bucks and is apparently made of natural ingredients, which is great for those averse to chemical products.

Flea Tablets — Flea tablets if pills fed to your dogs or cats. Any fleas that are biting your pets will start dropping like flies. Results are quick and extremely effectiveoften within 30 minutes. Please note however that flea tablets only last for a day, only kills adult fleas and is not a long-term preventative measure. Once you have a controlled flea-free environment, you hoow only need to use flea tablets, if and when neededsuch as when your pet returns rjd a vet clinic, best dog food pet grooming salon, a pet hotel or a pet park.

Use this in combination with flea sprays to kill or eggs too, since tablets only kill off adult fleas. These are the flea tablets I used and personally recommend: Novartis Capstar Flea Tablets. Make sure you pick the appropriate dosage based on the size of your dogs or cats.

This technique is often used by pest exterminators themselves too, but only for really bad infestations because of the inconvenience it puts you in. You might have to do this more than once too. After fogging, you MUST remember to also treat your pet before letting it into the house.

Spray your pet down with a flea spray and feed it a flea tablet to be safe. Hot Shot No-Mess Fogger. Be prepared to come back to a looooooot more dead bugs than just fleas. Vacuuming — If fogging sounds like too much of a hassle, vacuuming works to a certain extent as well.

If you have a strong enough vacuum, you can actually vacuum up even the eggs wherever it passes over. Just make sure you cover as much space as is possible. Vacuum the carpets, curtains, under your furniture, beds and also any cracks or crevices in the floorboards and baseboards. Attach a vacuum nozzle for areas that are harder to reach into. If you have a pet, make sure you feed it a flea tablet about 30 minutes before you start vacuuming your house. Also, make sure you use some flea spray on your how to get rid of fleas as well.

After vacuuming, carefully detach the vacuum cleaner bag and discard it, preferably into a bin outside your house to prevent any risk of re-infestation. After the vacuum session, use flea spray on all the vacuumed areas just in case you missed some of these bugs and their eggs.

Methods to get rid of ov that didn’t work: Salt Sprinkle fine salt over carpets or affected areas. This is supposed to work by sapping out the moisture from how to get rid of fleas fleas as they walk over it. For extensive flea infestations multiple areas in the house Best all-round combination: About Us. We’re a group of people who have seen our fair hoq of pest infestation problems.

From our experience, we’ve learnt that it’s not always necessary to call up a pest control service. Oftentimes, simple DIY methods and products are sufficient to completely eliminate any budding pest problems. We’re here to help educate the public on how to tackle their pest problems before resorting to more drastic measures.

More Bugs To Kill. More Infestations To Stamp Out.

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