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If you’re a family that loves to play and exercise can dogs eat broccoli, or wants to grow their clan without having another child, then consider taking in a larger dog.

Big dogs love nothing more than bonding with their owners, tossing around a ball outside, and protecting their house. Larger dog breeds typically weigh more cushings disease in dogs 55 pounds, so they are considered an investment due to the cost of food and care. But ear mites in dogs there a better feeling than coming home from a long day and seeing your giant best bud best dog breeds at the door?

No, there is not. These best dog breeds hounds can stand at a tall 27 inches and are immediately recognizable due to their long, silky coats. According to the AKC, Afghan Hounds might be the oldest purebred dogs around — so their stubborn, sometimes needy personalities are warranted.

Akitas are naturally protective dogs and will become aggressive quickly if they best dog breeds trained properly. They’re not super active canines, but they do need regular exercise to stay in shape. Akitas also adapt well too best dog breeds indoors, so don’t be worried about them staying inside for the day.

Beaucerons were originally working dogs who were used to herd sheep. Best for experienced owners, it’s good to have a steady hand and not give in to this breed’s tricks, or else they’ll be owning you in the blink of an eye.

They’re that clever! These herders are made for hard work, which means they train incredibly easily and rarely tire! While they are always dedicated to the task at hand, these dogs still crave love and attention on moments when they’re “off the clock.

Belgian Tervuren are one of four Belgian breeds that are so alike, they were once thought of as a single breed. These were the Tervs, Sheepdogs, Malinois, and Laekenois. The only thing that sets them all apart is their coat type. Belgian Tervurens are longhaired who love to master difficult tasks and have a great need to accomplish goals. Although Bernese Mountain Dogs can weigh up to pounds!

If you’re looking for a large dog breed that is gentle with children, but still keeps a protective presence over your home, this is your breed. They might just look like a big black ball of fur, but Black Russian Terriers are so much more. These “nimble giants,” as the AKC calls them, thrive in cold weather thanks to their shaggy coats. They also do well with some tough love while training. If you show them respect, they will return it.

If you’re on the hunt for a lost item, your Bloodhound will be on the case. These friendly canines, which can grow up to 27 inches tall, are relentless when it comes to finding a lost or hiding item. All they need is a scent to follow and they’ll keep on the trail until the very end. According to the AKCthe English name Boxer “refers to the way the breed spars, like a prizefighter, with their paws when playing or defending themselves.

Braccos absolutely best dog breeds water and are some of the strongest swimmers in their class. But they’re also considered “gun dogs,” who can accompany their owners out on hunting trips because they adapted so well out in the field or mountains. Not to be confused with the German Longhaired Pointer, the Shorthaired Pointers can weigh about 10 pounds less and have, well, shorter hair!

They best dog breeds have been one of the top-winning breeds in competitive hunting events for generations, due to their swift reflexes and speed. Great Danes can grow up to 32 inches tall!

But despite their size, these dependable, friendly canines are just gentle giants at heart. If you live in a colder environment, Great Pyrenees will love hanging out with you. Their weatherproof coats help them thrive in cold, wet temperatures and these dogs can weigh more than pounds. So even if their coats are on the shorter side, they’ve got some meat on their bones! Hanoverian Hounds are great hunting dogs with their long, lean legs and their ability to track down just about anything.

Even if your family doesn’t hunt, they’re still a wonderful breed: These hounds are loyal, love to train, and enjoy the outdoors. If you’re a family with a history of owning dogs, then you won’t regret putting the time and effort into training a Hovawart. They need proper attention and care as pups to create a special bond with their families, but the love and devotion they have with their owners for life is worth the effort for years to come.

Ranging from 80 to pounds, mop-like Komondors are made of muscle underneath all of that shaggy hair. They love a nice walk outside, but might have a harder time socializing with other dogs. Kuvasz breeds are fierce protectors and are ready to take on dangerous wildlife or even other humans in order to protect their families. However, these dogs take some time to train classes come in handy!

But can you really resist this face? Leonbergers can weigh up to a pounds and stand at 31 inches — that’s basically a full-grown small dog breeds entering your home.

It’s worth making the extra room for these furry fellows, because you’ll have a watchdog and friend for life. Just make sure you have a few brushes around, because these best dog breeds need some constant grooming. Mastiffs can weigh up to a whopping pounds! No need to worry, though.

These canines are patient and lovable. Just think of them as having an older family member join your home. With a reputation of the “nanny dog,” Newfoundlands are the perfect pets for families with young kids. These best dog breeds dogs love playing with little ones, but they won’t get too rough. Nothing makes them happier than knowing their family is as happy as can be. Type keyword s to search. Today’s Top Stories. Getty Images. Afghan Hound. Belgian Sheepdog. Belgian Tervuren.

Bernese Mountain Dog. Black Russian Terrier. Bracco Italiano. German Shorthaired Pointer. Great Dane. Great Pyrenees. Hanoverian Hound. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below. Jackie Frere Jackie is a contributor for many Hearst Magazines websites. Can Dogs Eat Bananas? Can Dogs Eat Apples?

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